The Importance of Hiring a Quality Digital Marketing Agency

If you are interested in hiring a digital marketing agency or if you know that you need to take your website to that next level but you don’t know how then you know that you have come to the right place. Here you can find out everything you need to know about SEO services and how you could benefit from hiring a quality team to work by your side.


One of the biggest benefits you get from hiring a digital marketing agency is that you can take advantage of the whole range of experience that they have to offer. To put it short, they know what works and what doesn’t, so you won’t have to put up with any trial and error or wasted money along the way. Of course, your agency will also be able to cater an SEO plan for you so all you have to do is sit back and relax while they take care of most of the work. So why is experience so important when you do hire an SEO company? The main reason why experience is so important is because someone who is not experienced may make mistakes and this can seriously affect your ranking. Whether it is using spun content, mislabelling meta tags or even linking to the wrong sites and at the wrong time, nothing is worse than hiring and investing in an SEO company who doesn’t really know what they are doing.

Knowledge and Relevance

Another reason why you should go out there and hire a digital marketing agency that you can count on is because they have the knowledge to get your site where it needs to be. The best SEO agencies know what is happening in the search engine world and they also know what changes need to be done in order to get the best result out of your site. For example, recently, Google started to penalise people for not having a mobile optimised version of their site. A good SEO company will know about this, and prepare your site long in advance for this change so you won’t suffer a hit to your ranking and your business can continue as normal. Someone who does not have any knowledge about the latest changes won’t be able to take care of this for you, and will only fix the issue after it has become a problem.


SEO requires dedication, and the same concept applies to digital marketing. You have to find a company who is willing to go the extra mile for you and you also have to hire someone who is willing to do everything it takes to get your site to where it needs to be. You need someone who is willing to stick it out for the long haul and only the very best SEO companies can do this for you. If you have any questions, all you have to do is contact your local SEO company today to see if they can be of any assistance to you.


Optimize Your Applications with HP ALM Training & Testing

Most organizations today are investing in automation technology to enhance efficiency. Automation software has been found to improve turnaround times, reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, improve quality and provide invaluable accurate data. All these help your organization to meet customer expectations.

However, most business owners complain about inefficiencies in some of the automated software in the market. Even the best test engineers agree that no application is prefect and even the top rated products can still have defects over time. This is where software testing comes into play. This process increases efficiency, effectiveness and coverage of an automation application.

To appreciate the need for your automation software testing, consider the risk of implementing such an application without prior testing. The impact on your business can be devastating and many businesses have realized this late in the day to their detriment.

Introducing HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suite

While there are many automation testing tools in the market today very few can match the reliability of the HP Application Lifecycle Management software suite (HP ALM). This is full-range, web-based, software as a service (SaaS) suite running on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and AIX among other operation systems.

HP ALM supports including Java, .net, HTML5 and Javascript programming languages and is ideal both for large companies and SMEs. The suite offers components to allow communication, functionality and traceability. The application enables quality and assurance engineers to deliver high quality applications with greater agility and speed.

Using HP ALM Training & Testing with Pegasie Technologies

Most businesses however are still not leveraging the advantages that come with automation software testing. The reasons range from upfront cost of the testing tools and training. However, it is now possible even for small businesses to capitalize on the automated system testing through HP ALM Training & Testing.

When you buy this as a package from a reliable service provider you will get support for the entire testing process on a single web-based platform. More importantly, automated tests will ruin 24/7 to guarantee optimal performance of your automated software.

Your staff will also benefit from intense professional training on how to handle the testing process which increases productivity. The Central data repository allows faster diagnostics and reviews of defects anywhere and at any time. User can also easily review KPIs to determine how effectively automated processes are performing.

By implementing the two-prong HP ALM testing and training approach your business will achieve more productivity and minimize costs in testing your applications.

6 Invaluable Ideas to a Fantastic Website

One of the toughest tasks to pull off for an online marketer is coming up with a great website. There are millions of websites built daily but it is no surprise that Google says only 52% of these make any revenue. A good website helps you attract relevant traffic and convert. Better still, you are able to build your brand, reduce bounce rates and increase sales. A study by Digital Synopsis shows that 35% of internet users don’t complete a task on a website and the problem is mostly down to poor web designing.

If you are planning to launch an internet marketing campaign you must come up with a web design that is not only captivating but one that adds value to the user experience. The design should not be an end in itself but rather should help the user find what they want faster. Your might have the most flashy website in your niche but with the highest bounce rate if the design is wanting.

Before launching your website consider the following simple guidelines to help you come up with the right design:

  1. Design a Captivating Logo

Your website is supposed to promote your brand and as such every aspect of the site should reflect your brand’s personality. The most prominent aspect of any web design should be the logo. Make sure you design a captivating logo which is polished enough and make sure you link it to your website.

  1. Capitalize on Easy Navigation

If your website is suffering from high bounce rates it is highly likely it is not neatly designed. Most users want to quickly access the page they want in order to find information that is relevant. As such use intuitive navigation to avoid confusing the user. This means providing both primary and secondary navigation options on the site. Easy navigation layouts are crucial in guiding users to the content they are after.

  1. Use Larger Font Size

This might sound like an obvious designing idea until you check most of the websites. Designers seem to focus on coding and creating a beautiful website instead of enhancing user experience. The attention span of internet users keeps reducing which means you have to work harder to capture attention. The more prominent the headings or descriptions the more appealing to the eye they will be. Big typography will not go out of season especially now that users are using smaller screens to access. Choose web-friendly typeface that will scale easily.

  1. Create Space by Decluttering

A cursory look at some of the top ranking websites including CNN, BBC, Guardian, New York Times, Harvard Business reveals a simple fact; they are informative websites but they seem to have a lot of space on every page. The simple idea behind this approach is avoiding cluttering. Avoid overloading your website with visual images because the user’s brain will at one point get overwhelmed. When this happens they will reflexively turn to another less cluttered site. Avoid competing calls to action, excessive use of links, images and graphics because users will get overwhelmed and turn away. You can capitalize on white space where the eye can turn to before shifting back to your content. Such space can always load with images over time as this is less intrusive.

  1. Use Responsive Design

According to a 2015 study by Smart Insight 80% of internet users own a smartphone. If you add to other internet devices including smart watches and tablets among others it becomes obvious that your website should be adjustable to all these devices. A responsive website is not optional anymore because mobile internet traffic has already surpassed desktop internet traffic according to Google. If you really want to tap into the growing internet numbers make sure your website is responsive.

Other web designing tips to consider include creative use of colour and images, enhancing web load speeds avoiding Flash, adding social media buttons, phasing out your site sliders, testing the design and evaluating the flaws and of course adding SEO capability.