Benefits of CCIE Security Certification

lb3Cisco’s CCIE certification shall be said as the industry standard recognition as well as a reward for the networking security professionals who are experts in the fields such as configuring, troubleshooting and implementing the solutions of Cisco network security Certification. By certifying with this precious certification, candidates can gain practical knowledge and skills in the networking security field. Since the certifications from Cisco is acceptable in worldwide, candidates can seek or can get opportunities from all important places in the world. CCIE security certification not only provides theoretical knowledge of network security but also helps them to get lab practical experience with the help of real equipment that used for the scenarios. Hence CCIE security certification shall be considered as one of the prestigious certifications from Cisco where candidates will be eligible to do various tasks in the complex environment teams.

Prerequisites for CCIE exam security:

For certifying with CCIE security, there is no mandatory or formal prerequisite required and the also no special training or professional certificates required. Candidates have to pass the written examination initially and after successful completion of the written examination, corresponding lab examination required. If candidates successfully passes both written and lab examination, CCIE security certification awarded by from Cisco within 4 weeks. After receiving the certification, candidates can use the certification and mention the same in their resumes for availing more opportunities in the top most multinational companies. Procedures for achieving CCIE security certification:

As mentioned earlier, candidates required to pass in the written examination initially and then in a lab examination.

Step 1: written examination Preparation:

This written examination is a two hours examination conducted in Pearson VUE centers. The examination fee cost around 250$ attempt. Candidates should attend this examination in online and they provided by with 100 multiple choice questions. The minimum score to pass in this written examination is 300- 1000 scale basis. Only after successful completion of this written examination, candidates are eligible for the laboratory examination.

Step 2: Laboratory examination:

Laboratory examination is an eight hour examination. Candidates should apply register for this lab exam within 3 years from the successful completion date of written exam. If candidates fail to register apply for the lab exam within 3 years, then again written examination is mandatory for writing the lab exam. CCIE Certification security Lab examination is one of the expensive examinations from Cisco that cost around 1400$ attempt.