How to Download From SoundCloud App

SoundCloud offers services to millions of users who stream online music. Developers have made downloading from SoundCloud free, which used to be a paid, premium service. However, it isn’t an easy process because most of the tracks aren’t downloadable and for some, third party links are sent. Therefore, here is how to download from SoundCloud app.

  1. Downloading Through A Browser Extension

For this, you need to find the SoundCloud downloader extension first, by searching for  ‘SoundCloud downloader’ in the Firefox or Chrome web store. Some well-known extensions for Firefox include Mp3 Downloader for SoundCloud and SCDL SoundCloud Downloader. Chrome includes SoundCloud Downloader and Download SoundCloud. Some directly provide a download button to the SoundCloud media page, while others require entering the URL of the website from where the content has to be downloaded.

2. Using A Third Party Downloader

This method is very simple. Just enter the web address on the third party site or app and download the content. But, security risks are not eliminated even if this method is implemented.

3. Using the Existing Log

To use the existing log, you need to make sure that the song you want to download has been fully streamed at least once. This is because the app stores these songs in its application folder on your phone. You can oo to Android -> data -> -> files -> stream -> Complete. Select the particular file and long press on its title. Choose the rename option and add an extension of ‘.mp3’ at the end of the file name. After completing this action, you will be able to see the song in your music player app. It will appear exactly as songs downloaded from other sources appear.

Hope we answered your question and resolved your issue.Thanks for reading our blog and stay tuned for more information!

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