Optimize Your Applications with HP ALM Training & Testing

Most organizations today are investing in automation technology to enhance efficiency. Automation software has been found to improve turnaround times, reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, improve quality and provide invaluable accurate data. All these help your organization to meet customer expectations.

However, most business owners complain about inefficiencies in some of the automated software in the market. Even the best test engineers agree that no application is prefect and even the top rated products can still have defects over time. This is where software testing comes into play. This process increases efficiency, effectiveness and coverage of an automation application.

To appreciate the need for your automation software testing, consider the risk of implementing such an application without prior testing. The impact on your business can be devastating and many businesses have realized this late in the day to their detriment.

Introducing HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suite

While there are many automation testing tools in the market today very few can match the reliability of the HP Application Lifecycle Management software suite (HP ALM). This is full-range, web-based, software as a service (SaaS) suite running on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and AIX among other operation systems.

HP ALM supports including Java, .net, HTML5 and Javascript programming languages and is ideal both for large companies and SMEs. The suite offers components to allow communication, functionality and traceability. The application enables quality and assurance engineers to deliver high quality applications with greater agility and speed.

Using HP ALM Training & Testing with Pegasie Technologies

Most businesses however are still not leveraging the advantages that come with automation software testing. The reasons range from upfront cost of the testing tools and training. However, it is now possible even for small businesses to capitalize on the automated system testing through HP ALM Training & Testing.

When you buy this as a package from a reliable service provider you will get support for the entire testing process on a single web-based platform. More importantly, automated tests will ruin 24/7 to guarantee optimal performance of your automated software.

Your staff will also benefit from intense professional training on how to handle the testing process which increases productivity. The Central data repository allows faster diagnostics and reviews of defects anywhere and at any time. User can also easily review KPIs to determine how effectively automated processes are performing.

By implementing the two-prong HP ALM testing and training approach your business will achieve more productivity and minimize costs in testing your applications.