The Singapore Student Learning Space is trying to take the use of online learning platform to the next level. It was in 2013 that Heng Swee Keat, the then Education Minister announced about this program where the students will learn at their own pace and all students will have a level playing field. It has already been piloted in 62 different primary and secondary schools and now they are confident enough of rolling out in all schools from the next academic year.

online learning platform

This resource-rich online platform will help the students to learn at their own pace. As the same resources will be available throughout, all students will have access to these quality resources. The teachers will have the option to share the best practices through this portal and then work in collaboration with the colleagues working at various schools.

This move got mixed reactions from the parents. Some feel that this will result in students consciously or unconsciously reducing their time on social media and utilizing it for online learning. The others are of the opinion that they will end up spending more time on gadgets. A data by DQ Institute and Nanyang Technological University tells that as of now 12 and 9-year-olds spend nearly 46 hours and 24 hours a week respectively glued to a screen.

The Ministry of Education (MOE), however, feels that this move will benefit the students by giving a level playing field to all regardless of the school. They are determined to leverage IT to aid the learning process.

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